Palliative care is designed for individuals in a stage of life where hospice is not necessary, but they have needs that exceed the bounds of standard caregivers. It is ideal for senior care that requires a higher level of support and management for ongoing treatments. Palliative care agencies can also provide resources and further information about the options available for your loved one as their conditions change.

Options for Palliative Care

You can find palliative care in your local community. Stanford Angels LLC offers palliative care services for families in Edison, New Jersey, Virginia county, and all surrounding counties, including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren. We have a team of warm, passionate individuals, including nurses and case managers, who can provide your loved one with relief and comfort.

What to Expect From Palliative Care

You can expect to have an understanding team in place to help your family navigate advanced senior care. Individuals with chronic conditions can use palliative care to stay out of the hospital for longer because specially trained care workers will notice health issues before they become a problem and create accommodations. This is a holistic approach that ensures there are plans to meet emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

A palliative care team will help manage the following parts of advanced senior care.

  • Symptoms related to illness or injury
  • Treatments (e.g., chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Coordinates between family and healthcare system

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If you need help discovering services, resources, and treatments for your sick loved one, then Stanford Angels LLC can help you. To find out more information about the services we offer or get a free consultation, reach out today. Your family will be treated with care and respect by this locally owned care service.

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