Remote patient monitoring and telehealth for elderly and disabled individuals face an uphill battle in terms of barriers affecting policies across the country. There has been a shift to in-home, person-centered treatment within the last decade and that trend looks like it will continue into the coming years even if policymakers do not make any specific changes. However, without policies in place to address the growing technological aspect of in-home care may impact personal insurance or Medicaid coverage.

What the Science Says

A 2020 paper by researchers from George Mason University concluded that the current barriers need to be addressed in order for elderly and disabled individuals to receive necessary care in their homes. They believe that future in-home care may include the following.

  • E-consults for all manner of physical and mental conditions
  • Digital image-enabled dermatology
  • Computer-based cognitive behavioral therapy

One way that they believe these areas can be made more universally available is by having the Department of Health and other departments communicate with educational institutions and other boards responsible for regulating and licensing medical and other in-home services. They can make accreditation possible for nurses and other professionals who want to pursue long-distance and mobile care.

What to Expect in the Future

Many researchers and medical professionals who practice home care believe that the telehealth trend that was kicked into high gear by Covid lockdowns is not going to go away. There is a high likelihood that technology allowing for telehealth and long-distance or mobile assistance will become the norm. It is now up to local and national policymakers to make changes that will allow the labor market and technological innovators to catch up to the current needs facing agencies that service in-home clients.

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