Hospice Support

Hospice support is a unique type of care created to provide comfort, support, and compassion to patients and their family members in situations where the patient is faced with a terminal illness. Hospice care is focused on patients’ comfort, not the cure and that’s what makes it unique. Hospice care at Stanford Angels, LLC from Edison, New Jersey focused on making the patient comfortable in what might be their last days or weeks. We proudly serve our hometown of Edison, NJ, as well as many other counties such as Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren.

Hospice Support in Edison, NJ

At Stanford Angels, LLC we prioritize patients needs. Under this we consider the following:

  1. Patients physical needs may include
    • Pain relief
    • Reducing the symptoms of the patient’s illness
    • Taking care of all discomfort that comes with a patient’s illness
  2. Patient’s emotional and spiritual well-being
    • In some instances, this can be equally important as physical health
  3. Following changes in patient’s treatment needs
    • Sometimes patients condition outgrows hospice care, and focus needs to be switched to other types of care such as palliative care
  4. The needs of the patients family

Who can receive hospice support at Stanford Angels, LLC?

Not everybody can receive hospice care. Only upon receiving notice from a doctor that a patient no longer has benefited from standard treatments and that their life expectancy is six months or less one becomes eligible for hospice care.

Upon filling these requirements a person becomes available to enter the hospice care program at Stanford Angels, LLC.

People who fill these requirements and want to enter hospice care should know that this type of care can be conducted in patients’ homes, but also if the situation is like that in a nursing home, assisted living, or even at friends or family members home.

Hospice Support in New Jersey

Additional services at Stanford Angels, LLC Hospice care

If you decide on hospice care at you will get an array of services which include:

  • Professional staff
  • Pain and symptoms management
  • Staff available 24/7
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